Claybar Treatment

clay-bar-treatmentNew clients often ask us what a clay bar treatment is, and why it’s important.

Formerly reserved for professionals, car dealers and other specialists, detailing with clay bars has made its way into the garages of auto collectors and enthusiasts thanks to the products’ ease of use and fantastic results.

Clay bars were developed in Japan in the late 1980's to remove over spray and minor flaws from vehicles at body shops. Back then, the preferred—and only—method of dealing with surface imperfections in the U.S. was compounding. Unfortunately, compounding removes tiny layers of clear coat every time you do it, resulting in cumulative damage to the car’s finish. Clay bars, on the other hand, are not abrasive and do not damage paint if used with the correct lubricant.

Clay adheres to and easily removes microscopic debris, like industrial fallout and rail/brake dust. Paint feels gritty and rough, dulls and appears "rusty". This "rust" is difficult to remove and often takes the paint with it. A paint job that’s had clay will feel remarkably smooth, with a silky finish that comes from a perfect polish. Most vehicles require clay treatment prior to waxing.

Chrome, coated metal, and glass are also subject to the same environmental contaminants as paint. Clay cleans these surfaces and will not scratch metal or glass. Clay also easily removes tar, sap, over spray and grime.

Clay bars are used with a silicone lubricant which is essential to the performance and safety of clay bars. Lubricant provides the necessary slick surface for best results.

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