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odor-removal-servicesOne of the most frustrating aspects of a recent used car purchase is detecting cigarette smoke smells and trying to eliminate or mask unpleasant interior odors. Many strong odors are nearly impossible to remove and require a professional’s touch to eliminate the odors. At Pristine Mobile Detail, we use a powerful one-two punch: an ozone generator followed up with enzymes to mitigate smells like cigarette smoke, pet accidents, vomit, urine, mold, mildew, and protein-based liquids. Ozone treatment can often permanently kill odors and is the most powerful and environmentally friendly method to get your cars smelling fresh again.

After the interior of your car is thoroughly detailed and dried, the ozone generator (Ideal for cigarette smoke smell removal) is placed inside the vehicle for short intervals of 1-3 hours, depending on the severity of the odor.

How it works:
auto-odor-removal-carlsbadOzone (O3) is a naturally occurring form of oxygen (O2) with three atoms instead of regular oxygen’s two. In the upper atmosphere, ozone filters out harmful rays from the sun, allowing life to exist on earth. Closer to home, ozone is produced by lightning and ultraviolet light from the sun. If you’ve experienced the freshness of the air after a thunderstorm, you’ve smelled ozone.

Ozone is very unstable, with an average half-life of 20 minutes. It must therefore be produced at the point of use, rather than stored in a container. It works to eliminate odors by casting off its third oxygen atom onto any other organic element, oxidizing the other element or converting it to a different substance.

In the case of odors, ozone converts foul-smelling substances into non-odorous substances naturally, with no artificial or unhealthy chemicals to buy, store, or use. It also deactivates and destroys molds, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mildew. Then, once the job is done, ozone converts back to oxygen.

Ozone is an extremely effective odor eliminator. Due to the nature of the treatment, however, no one can completely guarantee its effectiveness. The gas cannot completely penetrate carpet padding, headrests, or seat stuffing. With that being said, we still highly recommend the odor removal process for the best results at keeping the interior of your vehicle as fresh as possible.

Interior detail $125+ if required
Machine $150-$200
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