Paint Sealant application in Encinitas

There’s no better time to start taking care of your car than when it’s new. Starting your car’s life out with a Pristine Detail Sealant treatment will help protect and maintain its showroom condition for years to come.

  • Stands up to wash and wear!
  • Forms a rock hard shield!
  • Protects against ultra violet rays!
  • Blocks out corrosion!
  • Exclusive Glassplexin® formula!
  • Polish magnifies paint luster!
  • Won't crack, fade, or fall off!
  • Repels foreign matters!
  • No resins, plastics, or waxes!
  • Protection up to 5 year warranty!
  • Protects, preserves, beautifies
  • Resist aging!
  • Color stays brighter, longer!
  • Increases trade-in value!
  • Used successfully by new car dealers worldwide!
  • Create a wet look!
  • Our New Car Detailing includes:

    • Superior Shine 21-Point Hand Wash
    • Hand drying with new microfiber waffle-weave towels
    • Quick clay bar application to remove contaminants and smooth finish
    • Grill area protectant for ease of future bug and grime removal
    • Application of a high-tech polymer paint sealant backed by a 3-year warranty*
    • Deep cleaning of rims and tires
    • Application of break dust inhibitor
    • 2-step exterior glass cleaning and protectant application to clean and prevent water spots
    • application of GLARE Paint Sealant
    • Application of interior fabric protectant to shield against food, beverage, and soil stains(OPTIONAL)

    New Car Detailing Pricing

    • Sm/Mid 225+
    • Lg/SUV 275+

    6-Month Reapplication Pricing

    • Sm/Mid 115+
    • Lg/SUV 135+
     contact me at: 343 Hillcrest Drive Encinitas, CA 92024