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21 Point Extensive Wash
  • Every vehicle is hand washed with de-ionized water, a non-detergent car soap and cutting edge microfiber. Most bug, tar and road grime are removed
  • Windows, mirrors and glass surfaces are thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • Degreasing and spot-free cleaning of all wheel arches, door jams and trunk
  • Tires/rims/drums are degreased and dressing is applied-Rims shine!
  • High-tech microfiber towels are used on all surfaces to deep clean paint and prevent additional swirls and scratches
  • Extra-thorough cleaning and vacuuming to remove soil from hard-to-reach spots
  • Headliner scuff marks are cleaned
  • All leather/ surface areas are cleaned with Eco-Friendly non-greasy products
Wash & Wax
  • Includes all elements of the 21 Point extensive Wash PLUS…
  • Bug, tar, road grime and all paint surface contaminants are removed with a new clay bar
  • A cleaner wax or a high quality paint sealant is applied. These offer the longest lasting protection available
  • Rubber/plastic and metal surfaces cleaned and conditioned
  • Vehicles that require polishing, scratch/scuff removal or wet sanding will be evaluated and discussed on a case by case basis
Pristine Interior Detail
  • Extra-thorough cleaning and vacuuming to remove soil from hard-to-reach spots
  • Deep cleaning of all fabrics, mats, carpets, including trunk compartment, with a hot water extraction machine if required
  • Cleaning and conditioning of all leather/ surfaces with Eco-Friendly non-greasy products
  • Deep cleaning of console area, dash, vents, door panels, headliner and seat tracks
Pristine Exterior Detail
  • Includes all elements of Wash & Wax PLUS…
  • 4-stage paint conditioning process including mild polishing and scuff reduction to revive luster. Long lasting paint sealant applied at no additional fee.
  • Silicone protectant applied to grill area/rims to ease future grime and brake dust removal
  • Cleaning, conditioning and mild polishing of all rubber, plastic and metal surfaces
Pristine Complete Detail
  • Includes elements of Interior and Exterior Detail based on individual vehicle requirements and client expectation. Pricing variable and flexible.
  • *Recommendations for paint polishing to remove swirls, scratches and scuffs combined with wet sanding are evaluated and priced individually
  • "Michael is fantastic. The attention to detail is what I like most about the service provided. He consistently cleans my car from top to bottom like it was his own. I highly recommend Pristine." mobile car detail encinitas carlsbad san diego

  • Yeah, he's that good. A true professional and a nice guy to boot! Trust him with all your babies... If he'd change diapers I'd let him! ;)

    professional auto detail encinitas carlsbad san diego

    Donald W.
  • "Michael is a delight to work with. His work is thorough and meticulous, and the results SHINE! Always flexible in scheduling, fast, yet professional, and provides constant service with a sincere smile. I am glad that I found him on Yelp earlier this year, and I have called on him for the detailing of our cars ever since. Thanks Michael!"

    mobile car detailing encinitas carlsbad san diego

    Sonia A
  • All I can say is WOW! My car was filthy inside and out and full of dog hair, stains from the dog, and scratches. When Michael finished his complete detail on my car it looked like it had just came off of the showroom floor! I just couldn't believe it. Michael was personable, professional and right on time. I would totally recommended his services!!! interior car detailing encinitas carlsbad san diego

  • "I have a 2010 Audi R8, 2009 Audi S8 and 2007 Audi Q7. I only trust Michael with my cars. The service levels and quality of the finished product are second to none in San Diego. I finally found a true professional that I can trust with my cars." auto detailing cars encinitas carlsbad san diego

    K. Shaw
  • I have known Michael Dreebin for about 10 years, or so, now. He has come to my rescue, reminded me when my cars need him, watched the kids grow-and cleaned up their impossible messes- even brought breakfast after my knee surgery, on his way over. A professional. A wonderful person. The best auto detail service in San Diego!best auto detail service san diego

    Lhotse H.
  • "Sometime last year (2010) a family member suggested that I try Michael's services, as I was extremely disappointed with the service and quality of other local detail businesses. His price was reasonable and the quality was far superior to anything I had seen recently!! Needless to say, my vehicle receives regular details and other family members now frequent Pristine Detail." local auto detail vehicle encinitas carlsbad san diego

  • Thank you pristine! I just had my Motorhome waxed by them and it looks amazing! I have never had my Motorhome look this good before! I called them and they got me in the same day even on a late notice! The price was really fair as well I called 2 other places and pristine gave me a better price than the detail price encinitas carlsbad san diego

    Ivan D
  • "Michael has maintained my 12 vehicles on a monthly basis for the past 3 years. As a collector, my expectations are high and most importantly, reliability and quality are exceeded. Keep up the great work!" auto detailing vehicles encinitas carlsbad san diego

    Tom L.
  • "Pristine Detail is great and their quality is excellent. I have had a number of my cars not only cleaned and washed but detailed by them in the past. Prices are reasonable and he makes sure your car looks brand new even if it's 13 years old! I recommend them highly!" pristine mobile detail reviews

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