Car Tips

Did You Know?

To save $20-$60 dollars off of services, thoroughly empty the inside of your car and take it for a “quickie” car wash. I’ll do the deep cleaning and save you money!

  • I use only deionized water to ensure a spot-free finish.
  • Terrycloth often leaves scratches, lint and swirls. I start each job with brand-new microfiber cloths for a flawless finish every time.
  • My clay bar process thoroughly removes overspray, grime, and other contaminates without damaging your car’s finish.
  • Polishing removes imperfections. Waxing enhances shine. Many cars require both!
  • Working in a shady area ensures optimal detailing results.
  • The industry average is 3 dollars for products used per car. I spend over $6.


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