Water Spot Removal

Water spots are the development of calcium and other mineral deposits that have built up on the surface of the vehicle. Some experts suggest the surface needs to be buffed; some will use an acid based wash. This process requires special attention to all surfaces of the vehicle and may require several different strategies.

There are two types of water spots which accumulate on auto surfaces:

  1. Above Surface Bonded Contaminants. Usually some type of deposit, often times a mineral deposit that was suspended in the water source to begin with, then after the water evaporated off the finish the mineral is left behind where it bonds to the finish usually in a circular or pattern or shape
  2. Below Surface Defects. These are actually an etching in the surface where whatever was in the water was strong enough in its chemical composition to actually eat or dissolve the paint and thus etch into the paint.

My hard water spot/stain remover and cleaner is truly a unique formula designed to penetrate and dissolve Silica, mineral and lime deposits, calcium, salt spray, acid rain, rust/fallout, grease and some oxidation without damaging exterior surfaces. It’s a powerful Micropore cleaner safe for both the car and the environment.

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